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Gurgaon To Bhiwani HR Cab Service (One-Way)(Round Trip) 9953004745 Bhiwani Haryana Bhiwani is a city and a municipal council in Bhiwani district in the state of Haryana, India. It is known as the city of temples. Besides being a seat of spiritual learning, the city has been the centerstage of regional politics. The city is hometown to three of Haryana's chief ministers: Bansi Lal, Banarsi Dass Gupta and Hukum Singh. District Bhiwani was created on 22 December 1972. The district headquarter is situated in Bhiwani town. Bhiwani has 442 villages, with main towns being Charkhi Dadri, Loharu, Bawani Khera and Tosham. The total area of Bhiwani district is 5,099 km². District Bhiwani is situated between 28.19 deg. & 29.05 deg. North latitude and 75.26 deg. and 76.28 deg. East Longitude. The Bhiwani District is surrounded by Hissar District on its North, some area of Jhunjunu & Churu District of Rajasthan on its west , MahenderGarh and Jhunjunu District on its south and District Rohtak on east. It is 124 Kilometer from Delhi & 285 Kilometer from Chandigarh. GEOGRAPHY In North Region of the district there are Alluvial Plains and in South there are Semi -Desert with remnants of Aravali Range Mountains. The Soil is loom in the North region and sandy in the Southwest region of Bhiwani District. The Groundwater is mainly Saline with some of small pokets of fresh water in Southwest. The groundwater level of the district is decreasing fastly. Lack of any Drainage system is the main cause of salinity of ground water. Total area covered by Bhiwani District is 5,099 Access By road District is connected by road to cities like Rohtak, Delhi, Pilani, Jaipur, Hissar,Sirsa,Chandigarh. By Rail it is connected to Delhi, Mathura, Malda Town, Jaipur, Ferozpur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Hissar. Climate - Temperature in the Bhiwani District varies from 2 Deg. c to 45 deg. c. - Rainfall is scanty(Annual Rainfall-483mm)mainly in months of July-August. - Vegetation mainly thorny trees like Babool, Jandi, Kair, along with Neem, Sheesham, Peepal etc. - Crops like Bajara & Cotton in Kharif and Wheat &Sarson in Rabi. - Minerals like Building Stone& Gypsum or flexible stones ( Kaliyana Village). - Wildlife Rabbit, Neelgai, Fox PEOPLE & CULTURE People of Bhiwani district are hard working whose main occupation is agriculture. They are religious people. Apart from this, residents of this region are fine Sports men and represents Haryana and the National and International level sports meets. Residents of this region also join Armed Forces in large numbers and defend the country from foriegn aggression and internal disturbances. Due to sacrifices of brave soilders of this district during battles, city is came to be known as City of War Heroes.Cheap Tourist Cab Service in gurgaon. Get Great Deals-Discount With Gurugram Cab . Gurgaon is a city located south of NCR of Delhi, the capital of India. It is 10 km away from Indira Gandhi International airport.You can easily book Cab in Gurgaon as per your requirement. You can book outstation cab from Gurgaon at the best rates as our cab fare in Gurgaon is very affordable. You can book the outstation cabs to your popular destination from Gurgaon. Gurugram Cab are very marvelous, trusted, affordable, and congruous, cheap cab service in Gurgaon. Gurugram cab 24 hours especial deals in outstation cab service, full-day cab service, half-day cab service ,intercity cabs service, interstate cab services, , cab service, marvelous deals for tour packages in domestic,same day sightseeing. 24 hours good support for customer. We have a huge fleet of luxury, economical, national permit car in gurgaon. We have many years of experience in cab services. We are working very peacefully & helpfully for our customer. Millions of customer are very happy to take our services. Many customer are gaining our services since 2012.We are serving accessible outstation taxi services in gurgaon and all customers are very satisfied with our services. Our customers is in all states of India. we would ensure you excellent services. We have all types of vehicles in our fleet i.e. Hatchback, Sedan, Innova , Ertiga , Tempo-Traveller and Luxury Cabs etc.